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Remote Monitoring: Is It The Future of Rodent Management?

By Hank Hirsch, B.C.E Pest management is an ever-evolving science with new products, equipment and service methods continually being tested and added to clients’ pest management programs in an attempt to enhance pest prevention and utilize technology for better record keeping. One of the newest technological developments starting to permeate into the commercial pest sector […]

RK Environmental Services Ranked As A Top 100 Pest Provider In United States

In an industry with more than 20,000 licensed companies that is predicted to eclipse $10 billion in service revenues by the year 2020, RK Environmental Services is keeping pace and been named to Pest Control Technology magazine’s Top 100 List. The list is an annual compilation of the leading pest management companies in the United […]

The Spring Pest Outlook

It might be hard to believe but warmer spring weather is coming. And with warmer weather comes increased pest pressure in and around commercial facilities. The harsh winter weather the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions have endured this winter could have an impact on pest pressures this spring, according to Chris Sweezy, regional manager and an […]

No Love for Stored Product Pests

Breaking Stored Product Pest Hearts With Mating Disruption By Hank Hirsch, B.C.E When I ask “What is a pheromone?” most people reply that it is some sort of sex attractant. Although they are correct, pheromones are much more than that. Pheromones are chemicals that are released by insects (and other animals), into the environment, affecting […]

Bird Management Protocols Fly to the Top with New Mandates

When we teach the RK Environmental Services team about IPM or food safety, it’s always easiest for them to understand when we simplify our message.  And we want to do the same for our clients. For food safety, we can make things clearer by breaking down the broad topic into categories such as employee practices, […]

Rodent Exclusion – The New Paradigm in Rodent Management 

By Hank Hirsch, B.C.E. We can all agree that dealing with rodents, especially mice, can present some of the most challenging and frustrating pest situations in commercial facilities. I have always said “a rodent infestation is a failed audit waiting to happen” since rodents present a significant food safety and human health risk. Commercial clients […]

Swatting Down Issues With Small Flies

By Hank Hirsch, B.C.E. Many client service requests, especially in retail food facilities, revolve around ‘small flies.’ This group of flies is small and is made of primarily fungus feeders including fruit flies, Phorid flies, drain flies and fungus gnats. As with all flies, they belong to the insect order Diptera (two-wings) and develop via […]