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Integrated Pest Management for the Food Industry

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Ranked in the top 100 pest management firms in the United States, RKE is #1 in providing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services to the food industry.

With expertise and decades of experience in regulatory & food safety standards, and a focus on brand protection, RKE is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive food safety solutions and professional pest management for your business.

We know that food safety is serious business. As the global supply chain expands, so does the risk of foodborne illness. There is more public scrutiny on food protection than ever before, and with the speed that information spreads on social media, one slip-up can quickly erode a brand’s hard-earned trust. Brand Protection is central to our mission and our number one priority. Companies look to us to improve food safety performance and to protect their brands; our goal is a safe food environment with a competitive edge in the marketplace.