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Meaningful Data Analytics

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RKE utilizes a variety of easy-to-act/use analytic data to provide clients with the most effective solutions based on your unique needs.

Hierarchy Reporting: Client specified customized reporting and reporting frequency to be delivered to various levels of the client organization. This includes Electronic Service reporting, Threshold alerts, Preventative Control Summary reporting, and The Client Portal.

Client Portal: 24/7 access to all aspects of the client’s pest management program. The portal produces customized reporting on trends, recommendations, service reporting, threshold alerts, heat mapping, all important documents, zones of pest activity within the facility, material use, and device summary reporting. The portal has an “auditor mode” that can be turned over to an auditor so they will see only the information that pertains to an audit of the facility.

Threshold Alerts: Instant emailed e-alerts when a pre-established threshold for a pest is exceeded. These e-alerts can be set up for any pest(s) over a specified period. They can be tailored to hierarchy thresholds so that each level of management is notified at different levels of activity. This creates transparency on both the RKE and client management teams of any pest activity in order to collaborate and resolve the issue.

Preventive Controls Summary Report: customized reporting that is automatically delivered according to the client specified frequency. Most clients choose a monthly report. The report is especially useful for managers with multiple locations to oversee. The report summarizes the open conditions at each client location. Conditions are ranked high, medium, and low to to prioritize. In addition, the report can show the number of captures by pest over the past 90 days and YTD. The details on root cause analysis and all comments are captured in this report.

Predictive Reporting:

  • Utilizing Summary Reports
  • Prediction of locations of Pest
  • Severity of rating: High, Medium, Low