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Remote Monitoring: Is It The Future of Rodent Management?

By Hank Hirsch, B.C.E

Pest management is an ever-evolving science with new products, equipment and service methods continually being tested and added to clients’ pest management programs in an attempt to enhance pest prevention and utilize technology for better record keeping.

One of the newest technological developments starting to permeate into the commercial pest sector is remote monitoring for rodent management.

A number of systems are being introduced – RK Environmental Services is currently testing several of them – and each has different operating features and design elements.

There are systems that send an email or text alert to clients and their pest providers when a rodent is caught in a trap or the trap was simply triggered (no catch) or even touched. Other systems use infrared light beams to detect movement.

Remote monitoring units are designed to be used in areas of a structure that would be hard-to-access for technicians such as overhead beams, wall voids and false ceilings where rodent activity can go undetected. It can provide a facility with 24/7 monitoring coverage, even when there is not a single staff member present.

The information collected from the monitoring devices is then amassed into a data base and can be parsed into detailed reports for clients and their pest management providers.

It’s some pretty impressive, James Bond like technology that could dramatically change the way rodent management is done in the years ahead.

While remote monitoring technology continues to emerge it is clear that the data collection aspect holds much promise. The value of the information is contingent, however, on it being interpreted correctly, acted upon promptly and used to compliment a more comprehensive rodent management program.

Dr. Bobby Corrigan, one of the nation’s foremost experts in urban rodent management, says remote monitoring can improve the overall effectiveness of a rodent management program but it must be combined with strong sanitation, exclusion and cultural practices, as well as the proper placement of bait stations and traps.

RK Environmental Services is committed to exploring better ways to deliver unique and innovative rodent management programs for our clients. Remote monitoring is a technology we will continue to explore and deploy when it is the right fit for our clients.

If you have questions about remote monitoring, please feel free to reach out – we would be happy to talk in greater detail with you.

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Hank Hirsch is a Board Certified Entomologist and president of RK Environmental Services and Comprehensive Food Safety