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COVID-19 Client Solutions

Virucidal Program Service to Combat Human Coronavirus

RK Environmental Services (our sister company) offers a Virucidal Program Service (VPS) to complement your Crisis Management Response to the Human Coronavirus. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, RKE stands true to its dedication to food safety by expanding its efforts to keep employees in the food and pharmaceutical industries safe, while protecting their brands.

The Virucidal Program Service can be applied to any areas that should be disinfected and sanitized. It’s a highly effective solution that kills harmful germs, pathogens, bacteria, fungi, viruses, small flies, and the Human Coronavirus. RKE offers this service to complement your current Food Safety Program This critical program will strengthen your COVID-19 crisis management process.

The response to RKE’s disinfectant, sanitization and virucidal program has been well-received by our clients, as an effective and complementary mitigation strategy against COVID-19. It’s critically important, now more than ever, to help our clients ensure employee health and safety.

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Remote / Virtual COVID-19 Crisis Response Assessment & Training

This is a half-day remote/virtual COVID-19 Crisis Response Assessment & Training program. It begins with a remote Crisis Response Assessment (about two hours). The Assessment focuses on a series of related questions in four assessment categories: Employee Health & Hygiene; Crisis Preparedness; Employee/Process Sanitation; and Customer Assurance. It also includes a stakeholder virtual meeting to review Assessment results.

The critical COVID-19 Management Awareness Training Program that follows will be delivered virtually (about 1.5-hours with Q&A). This training is uniquely tailored based on the results of the Assessment. It covers valuable information in the four assessment categories. The overarching focus of this training is on employee health and safety. Since it is delivered using the Zoom platform, participants can be located in any number of locations.

The assessment and training also includes:

  • A Critical COVID-19 Management Awereness Training Program for your leadership team (about 1.5 hours with Q&A).
  • Support on how to enhance your cleaning and process sanitation effort. Also, a discussion regarding RKE Virucide  Protection Program.
  • A critical review of employee health and hygiene practices.
  • How to effectively address biological hazards.
  • Ways to build employee and stakeholder confidence (employees need to feel safe).
  • Technical guidance with your crisis management effort to ensure business continuity

CFS can also support you with enhancing your crisis management plan.

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RKE COVID-19 Crisis Response & Training

To assist your company respond to COVID-19, RKE has put together the following emergency response programs to provide the support you need.